BLOG: Light is Dark is Light

Words are never enough.

GLORYBOX was birthed during the winter. The winter leading into 2013, the winter of my twenties, during the time it took me to traverse a path carved out of pulp with only a torch and a stopwatch. I wasn’t in the mood for words so conveniently GLORYBOX became a way to share using pictures not prose.

It was born as a place for publishing art work; photography, digital, analogue, documentary, short film, experimental and commercial commissions – and space for whatever else may emerge – but the intention from the beginning was to remain voiceless; without speech, without language, without punctuation. The images ought to speak up.

Photography allows truth and permanence to be interpreted. Each picture becomes a breath within a moment of a sentence within a snapshot of a chapter inside a book in the library inside my head. The beauty of thought within the philosophy of photography that I’ve grown to understand over time felt so overwhelmingly huge that in fear of putting words to it and not doing it justice I decided to just keep schtum.

How is it possible to rationalize the twigs of influence from seemingly insignificant events; the tone of voice from an overheard conversation, the sensation of ripping paper, a straight line. The idea of a concept.

‘How can I begin to find the words to interpret visual poetry?’ is a question I’ll never know the answer to. What a waste of words in itself. The motives for creating come from such distant places of knowing.

I write to myself all of the time, in sounds with the sisters in Mamatung, in ink, in fits of energy that come from below my diaphragm and sneeze their way through my skin. We thrive in communication but the realities of opening up parts of myself to commune with the world through a screen didn’t feel so good. It was important to get used to wanting to speak again but more important for me was finding the way to say it.

In person it doesn’t feel too painful, I’ve been practicing. We held a load of workshops, did some lecturing, a number of artist talks and the people that participated at the exhibitions came full of questions. It was good to practice the voice, to get the words flowing and get a feel for what needs to be said.

4 years ago, I set myself 2 objectives. To create art and to travel with it. Since then GLORYBOX has completed commissions in UK, visited Austria and Macedonia coordinating international youth exchange projects, been on tour in Russia and exhibited in Japan. We have connected directly with over 200 people in our workshops and hand built a community dark room which will soon be a dedicated space for use exclusively by people accessing art therapy.

GLORYBOX as a vehicle and a platform has allowed me to create art and share it with people across the world by simply waking each day with the objective to create and share.

I’ve been busy creating, maybe now it is time to share.